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District Council » Agriculture, Cooperation and Livestock

In Kisarawe the percentage distributions of the Population who engage in Agriculture is 87%, and the cultivated area per district is 83,645(44%). The major food crop is Cassava besides being a food crop, cassava is also a cash crop especially when there is surplus and is second after cashew nuts. Other food crops are Rice, Millet, Legumes, Maize and Sweet Potatoes. They produce 6.0 Hectors per Tons of Cassava, 0.8 Hectors per Tons of Paddy, 1.3 Hectors per Tons of Maize, 7.0 Hectors per Tons of Sweet Potatoes and 1.0 Hectors per Tons of Sorghum. . The status of the areas suitable for irrigation (Ha) is 6,400, the area which is under cultivation (Ha) is 93 and the percentage of utilization is 1.4

Other animals kept are Sheep, Chicken and Pigs.